MY name is Jacob Sticca I was born April 15 1998 and was apart of a military family. Because of this i have been all over the US. I was born in Louisiana moved form the to New York from there i went Kansas for the first time then we went to El Paso Texas after that we went to three different houses in Fort Hood Texas then finally we settled in a house in Harker heights Texas for six years but with all good things that came to an end and we came back to Kansas were i have stayed and decided to go to college. I consider myself from Texas as there is were i spent the most time so i fell i have some of that southern hospitality.

My choice to come to K-State is because of the fact i got a 3 year ROTC scholarship to this college as well as an academic one this greatly impacted my decision as before i had no clue if i would be able to go to college at all. So far college has been the most exciting and stressful time of my life and i await the challenges each day presents with excitement. In turn K-State also has one of the top computer science programs in the U.S. I have always been fascinated with computers since the age of 4 when i first played a game called Age’s of Mythology. The look and feel of being able to hit some buttons and have massive amounts of troops or other things move and do as i wanted was amazing and hooked me into playing video games. When i hit high school and started doing more classes with programming and robotics i realized that the excitement i felt when i write a code and the thing i designed did just as i wanted it to reminded me of the feelings i had when i first began playing on computers. When i realized what that feeling was i was to exited to not pursue it and that led me here to K-State and the CIS 115 class.

For personal hobbies I have there pretty simple. I enjoy playing video games or more accurately i enjoy beating others at games and playing through a well crafted campaign story, i also enjoy fishing, hunting, camping, paintball, air soft, woodworking, working out, and breaking programs on scratch.

For a more adept topic i do enjoy reading and movies. For information on new topics within the world of computers i go to which has several articles on not just computers themselves but the industry of computing technologist as well. And the books within the class have a few chapters that seem like they’ll be interesting are Universal building blocks and Speed:parallel computers in the book the pattern on the stone by W. Daniel Hillis .

This is just a little bit about me so that you can try to get a feel for the kind of person i am i hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading.