In the class CIS115 were we instructed to read a book called tubes by Andrew Blum. This book’s overall topic is how the internet was made and works. This book while overall being a good read goes to explore and explain what the internet is and how it works. This to me is interesting because most stories and books contain information about the internet is how bad it is for you. This book provides a fresh view on how the internet works. One of the most interesting points to me comes out of the chapter titled a network of networks when he says “for an invention that dominates our daily lives-acknowledged as an epoch-making trans-formative force across global society – the Internet’s history is surprisingly underwritten.” This to me is intriguing because as he says the internet is apart of our dayliy lives now a days so why would its history be so hidden? To me this is because there was no one person who created the internet it was a large combination of effort from a multitude of sources. In the book tubes the author states ‘the internet lacks a central founding figure-a Thomas Edison or a Samual f. b. Morse.” Because of this lack there is a major confusion on who or what group found the internet. To me this lack of a central figure goes to show that an invention of this magnitude is not something one guineas could develop them self. A large group of  intelligent people was need to create this century defining invention. The journey to the center of the internet as Andrew Blum defines it is an interesting concept that is explored in this book. The exploration from the concept into how the internet itself works is a very large topic that the author covers beatifically in this novel. this book to me sparked some interest in how long it actually took the internet to be made. Just as the saying goes that Rome wasn’t built in a day the internet also took several years. the history channel also did a piece on the history of the internet. This combined with the book helped me to understand the large amount of work required to develop the internet. I learned that the internet had a precursor called the arpanet and how that got turned over into the internet we know today. The internet itself is a massive network of networks all connected to a singular purpose of allowing the masses to use the information available to the public in an easy fashion.this dissemination of information has changed the way people gain knowledge and information allowing kids to easier to study and learn in school. I know myself as a student have used the internet a multitude of times for anything from googling equations to settling arguments with friends. The internet is the most prominent and generation defining invention ever invented. This book was a very interesting read and provided a new and interesting way to look at the internet and it’s creation.