Today we will delve into the idea that math and computer science are closely tied together. To be a bit more specific i will look into the ties between discrete math and computer programing. According to the university of Chicago “This is a branch of mathematics that is mainly concerned with the uses of sets and integers, both of which are ‘discrete’, separate objects from one another. The phrase was coined in the 1980s as a catch-all for math topics that were useful for computer science students, and has evolved into a study on how to think about problem solving in the real world using mathematical (and therefore computational) models. “( This mathematical idea is looking at math based upon logical statements. this in turn relates to programing because all programs are based upon logic and logical statements.

The algorithm that is most related to mathematics is any sorting algorithm. This is shown on ( By the chart in part 1.

This chart is showing that all of the sorting algorithms have math based roots. This is because math is in and of its self a logical process to land at an answer. Computer algorithms work in the same way. That they use logic to arrive at the answer that is desired For example the quick sort algorithms best scenario is a logarithmic function which is a good mathematical function. This to me goes to show that algorithms are based upon mathematics.

Another field in which math and computer science are tied together is theoretical computer science. one field in this that i want to focus on is automata theory. This is the idea of using logical operations to allow a computer to become self-operating. This idea is able to be done through thge idea of discrete mathematics. This is because discrete mathematics relies on logical statements to arrive at an answer. Through this math we could prompt a computer to ask its self the needed logical questions to become self operating. this would remove the need for a person to operate the machine at all times. by eliminating this need we can push computers more towards the idea of artificial intelligence and possibly create a computer that is sentient. This advancement could lead to amazing advances in all fields of work for example we could make surgery automated and possible eliminate the possibility of human error resulting in the possibility to save more lives. In the field of home care we could create fully automated maids to take care of homes and the elderly. The limits of this advancement is limitless.

Next we will look into some people that were important to both computer science and mathematics. one of these peoples is Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi. This man is one of the founders of mathematics or more specifically algebra. He is also attributed with being the founder of algorithms. this as explained earlier is one of the main ties begotten math and computer science. This man was born in  c.780 in the nation of Persia. He lived his whole life as a mathematician but the ideas that created for math was able to be adapted in to some of the fundamentals for computer science.

To close this off We have analyzed the effects of math in computer science. We showed how you can draw parallels between the ides of math and computer science. We talked about how some theories in math helped to create the main idea of computing science. finally we discuses one of the founders of mathematics and also computer science by association. These things all go to show the very close relation between math and computer science.